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  • Wake Up and Behave Decently

    Sermon: Romans 13:11-14 Advent 1 – December 1, 2019 – Rev. Steven J. Radunzel On a church sign some years ago I saw the thought-provoking statement, “The devil is always willing to rock the cradle of a sleeping Christian.” And how true that statement is. Satan is always glad when

  • Only Christ the King Can Offer Paradise

    Sermon: Luke 23:35-43 End Time 4 – Christ the King – Nov. 24, 2019 – Rev. Steven J. Radunzel Do you believe that Jesus has promised that you will go to heaven when you die? I will guess that about 100% of you will say, “Of course I believe that

  • Try to Imagine What Heaven Will Be Like

    Sermon: Isaiah 65:17-25 End Time 3 – November 17, 2019 – Rev. Steven J. Radunzel There have always been, and there will always be as long as this world endures, those who criticize the Christian church. And over the years I’ve heard many criticisms, and one that I’ve sometimes heard

  • What Is Truth?

    Sermon: John 8:31-36 End Time 1 – November 3, 2019 – Rev. Steven J. Radunzel Mark Twain once said, “Common sense is very uncommon.” He was right, and it seems as if we’re living in a time when just plain old common sense is missing from our society. Too often


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