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  • Our Binary Spiritual Choice

    Sermon: Psalm 1 Epiphany 6 – February 17, 2019 – Rev. Steven J. Radunzel If you listen carefully to news reports and the comments that guests make on the various news shows, you’ll begin to hear certain words that seem to become rather trendy, sometimes to the point of being

  • Don’t Be Afraid

    Sermon: Luke 5:1-11 Epiphany 5 – February 10, 2019 – Rev. Steven J. Radunzel Some years ago I read an interview given by the founder of a large campus ministry. He was a conservative, Bible-believing preacher of the gospel. He was in his 80’s and nearing the end of his

  • Eagerly Desire the Greatest Gift

    Sermon: 1 Corinthians 12:27-13:13 Pentecost 4 – February 3, 2019 – Rev. Steven J. Radunzel Spiritual gifts are those gifts, abilities, strengths, that God gives to believers in Jesus Christ which they can then use to teach, build up, and encourage other Christians, and in that way help build the

  • We Hear Good Things in Church

    Sermon: Luke 4:14-21 Epiphany 3 – January 27, 2019 – Rev. Steven J. Radunzel If you could go back to a time in your life when you think life was better and you may have been happier, what would that time be? Some of you might want to go back


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